7 Social Media Stars Who Make A Killing

Everyone has a social media account somewhere, even if they don’t use it. Many people use

their accounts daily, but for what reason?

Well, we like to share our experiences and keep people up to date on how our lives are going,

but that’s pretty much it. Bland stuff, really.

What we don’t realize is that: WE CAN BE MAKING TONS AND TONS OF MONEY OFF OF SOCIAL MEDIA. No, not like a few cents per ad on your YouTube channel with zero subscribers, but thousands per second on your super popular channel or even on your Vine account.

You can even earn major racks through your Snapchat account, if you’re savvy enough to do it.

There’s a few people who’ve figured out how to monetize the things we all do for free, and that

kinda sucks, albeit just for us. Who are these people, you ask?

These newly wealthy people are listed below, and if you find yourself wanting to quit life and just

become a Snapchat star, I’m there with you.

#1: PewPieDie.  ­​The first name on the list has to be the biggest earner, and this Swedish guy

happened to make it big on YouTube.

How much does this guy make? 7 million dollars a year. Yeah, 7 m​illion,​all from YouTube.

What’s so special about this guy? Well, his channel has received nearly 4 billion views and his

huge audience is a great opportunity for marketers.

Surprisingly, people really like watching this guy play video games and commentate on them. 4

billion views don’t lie, and brands have come crawling, asking him to expose their products to

his huge audience (27.6 million subscribers).

This guys earns 7 million dollars a year simply from playing video games and making funny

comments. Mom, I told you playing video games wasn’t a waste of time.

# 2 : BluCollection. ­T​he second biggest social media earner comes from YouTube as well, who garners around 6.4 million dollars a year.

This channel centers around toy reviews, which has received 1.38 billion views, so clearly it’s a channel that brands can take advantage of in order to sell more products.

Why people really need to watch YouTube reviews of little toys is beyond me, but this channel makes a killing.

#3: Smosh.  C​learly, there’s a pattern here with YouTube stars earning tons of coin from their videos. This pair of buddies make humorous videos spoofing various topics and making sketches.

Apparently they’re funny enough for 19.5 million people to subscribe and earn a cool 5.7 million.

Not bad for a couple friends goofing around.

#4: @griernash. ­ (​The last three social media stars listed were all on YouTube, but the next few stars are all famous from Vines, and earn significantly less, but make a killing for their corner of the spectrum.)

This dude right here is the king of Vine. He has 10.3 million followers, which is quite a bit more than the next guy on the list.

If you’re thinking that this guy’s large viewership earns him a lot of money from product placement, you’re right; he earns a shit ton.

Mr. Nash can bring in anywhere between $25­$100k from a single Vine, which is how much I’d like to make from six seconds of work.

#5: @KingBach. ­​King Bach, or Andrew Bachelor, is a funny guy who’s become pretty famous off of his Vines, and has 9.6 million followers.

He makes around $15,000 per month, which isn’t bad for making six ­second videos. With all of his followers, he has a huge audience with which marketers want to take advantage of.

King Bach’s videos not only get seen by 9.6 million people, but they’re revined and seen by countless others, so marketers have been looking to him to casually place products in his Vines.

Still it isn’t easy to mix in what corporate wants while making the videos seem authentic, so props to King Bach for making it work.

# 6 : @brittanyfurlan. ­ T​his pretty lady is another Vine star who counts checks daily.  With 8 million followers, she has a large audience that marketers will want to expose their products too, and they pay her major stacks for her Vines.

How much? She can make $20k just from one video that features a brand in it!

Sure, I’ll take 20 grand for six seconds of hilarity.

Keep doin’ you, boo.

#7: @codyjohns. ­ C​ody Johns is a kid from Florida who, with his brother, makes a killing on Vine.

He has 5.5 million followers, and that may seem like it’s way less than the people mentioned above, but it’s still a lot of people that earn him some major cash.

Product placements in Marcus’ videos can earn him $20k, which is right up there with the other Vine stars who have almost twice as many followers.

All seven of these people make a pretty good income from videos on social media. They’ve worked at it enough to where they have millions of followers, create viewable, funny or informative content, and have taken advantage of the business opportunities that have presented themselves so far.

You might not think that Vine stars would ever make money, let alone thousands for a single video, but marketers have found that these people have a wide audience that they influence in some way, making them credible resources.

If this one Vine or YouTube star talks about this one product, their viewers will see that and be more likely to purchase it.

You’ve got to give it to them, though; these stars have so far maintained their image all the while dealing with the boring corporate world, which can make anything fun really crappy.

I think these guys got it, though. They’ll be fine.

Check out this video detailing the top paid Youtubers, enjoy :)

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